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And to my beloved niece, I do hereby give, devise and bequeath all of my estate, including but not limited to… a sex shop.

My great Aunt Ida willed me her sex shop… er, correction, her “adult novelty store”—or at least that’s what her attorney says is the proper term. I’ve never even stepped foot inside a sex shop, so the prospect of owning one is overwhelming, especially considering my experience with sex is limited at best.

I’m a numbers girl, so I can appreciate the profit showing on the books of my aunt’s business. But just because I can add doesn’t mean I know the first thing about selling sex toys.

Thankfully, Aunt Ida left me instructions, including a strong recommendation that I keep her assistant on to show me the ropes. But when he insists on using demonstrations to teach me all there is to know, I begin to worry that I’m in way over my head.

Will this experimental shopkeeper get the shock of her life when she puts herself at the mercy of her new employee?

Her first erotic lesson begins soon...